• Becky Paulson

Pelvic PT- The Missing Piece!

Have you ever tried to express concerns about your pelvic or sexual health to your medical provider and felt dismissed, misunderstood, or laughed off? Unfortunately, this experience is quite common among folks who experience pain with sexual intercourse, severe menstrual pain, or difficulty reaching orgasm. I have personally experienced many unfruitful attempts to air my concerns about my health, before I ever knew that I would be a candidate for pelvic health physical therapy. It actually took becoming a pelvic health *specialist* before I even understood that my issues were rooted in pelvic floor dysfunction, along with hormone imbalances, joint instability, and visceral immobility. My goal as a pelvic health specialist is to grant people the validation they need to understand where their issues come from, and be a partner with them in their path to healing. I created PIVOT for the patients out there who were just like me. I want to live in a world where personalized, holistic care is available and accessible.

At PIVOT, it's not just all about the pelvic floor. Of course, this is a critical piece of many types of musculoskeletal (orthopedic) pain/dysfunction, as well as gastrointestinal issues, menstrual pain, and sexual dysfunction. However, only treating the pelvic floor would never be enough, because as creatures, we are CONNECTED under one nervous system. My patients always ask me things like, "why are you treating my hip if I have prolapse?" And the answer, although vague, is always along the lines of, "because they are related!" Imagine this- if your big toe on your left foot is hurting, it will affect the way you walk. You will avoid bending at the toe, therefore taking shorter steps on your other side. This will eventually cumulate in less range of motion of that left hip, with likely overcompensation with your right side. Now, all the sudden your right hip is affected, which can translate up the chain into spine asymmetry, and headaches because your neck is trying to correct the asymmetry created at the pelvis! That is why my approach at PIVOT addresses the WHOLE body! Because we are integrated under one brain and one nervous system, which controls every aspect of us as an organism. The pelvic floor is just one piece of the complicated puzzle that is the human body. If a provider is trying to treat you for low back pain, but isn't addressing a major component of your foundation of support (the pelvic floor), the approach is incomplete- plain and simple. Our pelvises are so critical in every function of our daily lives, and they deserve support. <3 Come see me at PIVOT to start your healing journey today!

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