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Becky specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic health conditions, using a multi-faceted treatment approach.


Each treatment plan is unique and individualized, based on your specific goals.  

Becky integrates her in-depth background of pelvic health with her orthopedic and visceral manipulation skills. In other words, she addresses the muscles, joints, connective tissue, AND the organs of the abdomen and pelvis. 

Other common pelvic health conditions treated by PIVOT Physical Therapy: 

  • Sacroiliac joint pain/dysfunction 

  • coccyx (tailbone) pain 

  • vestibulodynia/vulvodynia/clitoral pain

  • vaginismus

  • pudendal neuralgia

  • penile/testicular/scrotal/perineal pain

  • abdominal pain

  • endometriosis

  • interstitial cystitis

  • diastasis rectus abdominis 

  • pelvic organ prolapse

  • anal pain

becky paulson pelvic floor physical therapy yakima washington

Pelvic health conditions include dysfunction in muscles, joints, connective tissue, and organs of the abdomen and pelvic regions. Specifically, the pelvic floor refers to a group of muscles that sit inside the pelvic bones like a bowl, supporting and stabilizing the pelvis and its contents. Like any other muscle in the body, these tissues can become dysfunctional with repetitive stress or overuse, causing tightness, weakness, and pain. Since the pelvic floor also functions to control sexual, bowel, and bladder function, pelvic floor dysfunction can result in any of the following: 

  • urinary or fecal incontinence 

  • urgency and frequency of urination/bowel

  • urinary retention or constipation

  • pain with or after sexual intercourse 

  • difficulty with vaginal penetration

  • severe cramping during menstrual cycle

  • painful urination or defecation

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becky paulson pelvic floor physical therapy yakima washington