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Becky's pelvic health journey began in 2018, the year she graduated from Chapman University. She was accepted to a 6-month fellowship training program at Sarton Physical Therapy, the leading pelvic health clinic in Orange County. Becky treated almost exclusively pelvic health patients for over 2 years while being mentored by Julie Sarton herself. It was here that Becky became a clinical expert in pelvic physical therapy and case management for this complex population of patients. 


Becky's favorite cases to treat (because they are close to home), include: tailbone pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, constipation, headaches, low back pain, and dyspareunia, aka painful sexual intercourse. Becky has a passion for empowering women and men in their sexual health and wellness, as well as getting people moving and taking control of their lives. 

Outside the clinic, Becky carries her passion for holistic health and wellness into all aspects of life. She devotes her free time to learning about new ways to help patients, taking continuing education courses on orthopedic manual therapy, visceral manipulation, pelvic pain, and myofascial release in order to stay well rounded in her clinical skills. Personally, Becky places a large focus on mental and emotional well-being. She has a daily meditation practice, enjoys reading, practicing and studying Spanish, running/hiking, yoga, and lifting weights. Becky spends time each day preparing home-cooked meals made from organic whole foods in order to properly nurture her body for healing herself and others. 


becky paulson pelvic floor physical therapy chino hills inland empire san bernardino julie sarton pelvic healing

In the year 2020, Becky recognized the need for pelvic health physical therapy (and PT in general) to be offered in the home, in order to mitigate risk of contracting COVID-19 for her and for her patients. This is when she stepped out on her own, created PIVOT Physical Therapy, as a means of offering a "one-stop-shop" experience for healing that was designed to create real, lasting change in her patient's lives. PIVOT's number one goal is to eventually get you out of the "therapy" zone and into the "wellness and vitality" zone.


Becky is a Doctor of Physical Therapy

She started her physical therapy journey as a receptionist at a traditional Orthopedic PT clinic in her hometown of Yakima, Washington, after she had dropped out of college, not knowing where her path was leading. During that time, she observed patient's making remarkable transitions from being hurt, angry, and debilitated, to being fuller, kinder, and happier versions of themselves through the power of healing touch and movement therapy. It was then that she decided to go back to school to complete her Bachelor's of Science in Clinical Physiology at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.

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As an undergraduate, Becky performed 200 hour internships at both a Skilled Nursing Facility and at a Pediatric physical therapy clinic in Hood River, Oregon. She moved to Orange County, CA in 2015 to begin her Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Chapman University in Irvine, CA. During this intensive 3-year program, she completed clinical internships in each of the following: Mobility Physical Therapy in Lake Forest, CA, an orthopedic clinic where she worked with patients with low back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries, at the Veteran's Administration Polytrauma Rehab Unit in Palo Alto, CA, Becky worked with US veterans who had sustained brain injury, stroke, or other paralysis, helping them to stand and walk again, and finally in San Jose, Costa Rica, Becky spent 6 weeks interning in a physical therapy clinic where she was able to practice speaking Spanish and bringing manual therapy to patients with work injuries, post-car accident, or other overuse/trauma.