Pelvic floor physical therapy yakima washington

pelvic floor physical therapy, designed for you

Are you living with pelvic organ prolapse, sexual, urinary, or bowel dysfunction? 

Are you suffering from pain in the low back, hip, tailbone, or genitalia? 

The Difference


Dr. Becky Paulson

  • Becky Paulson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 2500 hours experience treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction 

  • Recognized expert in pelvic health physical therapy in Orange County area  

Dr. Paulson's holistic and personal approach to healing creates a unique and safe environment for you to pivot and move forward stronger than ever before

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becky paulson pelvic floor physical therapy yakima washington

Treating you, where you are

Back Massage

Coming soon to Yakima, Washington


To accommodate your special needs, now offering in-home and virtual care

What our patients say

"Becky thoroughly prepared for each session, researched issues that were coming up, and treated me with so much dignity and respect." -S.J.

"Becky was always ready to analyze and adjust so that our session was as effective as possible. Her combination of a thorough understanding of our bodies with an intuitive and caring manner of relating to her patients elevates Becky’s services beyond physical therapy. She truly was a partner in my healing." -C.P.

"For something so deeply personal and intimate, you need the right physical therapist who is understanding and empathetic in addressing the issue and I could not have asked for a better therapist than Becky Paulson." -N.M.

"Finding her was like finding hidden treasure." -J.L.

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